We are a community of people who work towards a life-changing movement

Our mission is simple: To Defeat The Street

Our Story

The same day that Defeat the Street was imagined, it was realised. On a cold night in December 2016, Jordan Smith and James Radford found a homeless man shivering and in dire need of help. After going back to their central heated apartment that night, but nothing could shake the intrusive thoughts of the man they had passed by.

Was he going to be okay? How long had he been out there? What was his name?

Knowing that sleeping with such heavy thoughts was not an option, they set themselves to create a crowdfund and within mere days £2000 was raised to transform his life! A team was created, consisting of specialists and key contacts who could help out the project and before long, we knew that we had an innovative model with the potential to begin tackling homelessness like never before.

Since then, we have won two awards in Sheffield and London for “outstanding social enterprise of the year” and “social enterprise innovation award”. We have our next candidate Malky, who we have now taken off the streets and established into a new home.

It is our belief that modern techniques are needed to tackle homelessness and people with multiple complex needs. This is why the service we provide is ‘wraparound’ support service that tackles every issue individually and allows us to tailor our services in a bespoke way to each individual.

We battle trauma simply through the induction of positive experiences. Many homeless people we come across cannot even remember the last time something positive happened to them, and we believe that only be providing it empirically can this be resolved. We battle confidence issues through makeovers, and drug and alcohol abuse through unique support structures designed to help a person in need transition away from substance dependency, as well as any other issues and traumas they may face on their road to recovery.

Our proudest feat of this tailored approach to improving the mindset of a candidate, was taking a once busking homeless man to play at Tramlines on the main stage as well as on Sheffield Live! Their passions are real, and in facilitating and encouraging these passions we reduce the chance of them falling back into a downward spiral, as well as improve their chances to succeed with our program.

Our mission is to amplify the impact that we have already made, and to help as many homeless people as possible to defeat the street.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Before anything is done, we will meet with any prospective candidate for a friendly chat. The purpose of this chat isn’t to analyse or test the candidate, but rather to gain an understanding of who they are, how they got to where they are, and if they want to change.

We also use this time to informally visually assess the candidate for signs of drug and alcohol abuse. Many people living on the street battle day by day with addiction, and we do not turn addicts away. We understand they will undoubtedly need help to break away from those vices, help that we can provide.

Our Team

James Radford

James Radford


"To do charity work can be a burden, but the burden of doing nothing is far greater."

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith


"Everyone wants to positively change, but not everyone gets the opportunity to."