The Journey

Once a candidate is found to be taken in, they will begin their ‘Journey’, a step by step process to ensure a steady return to working life, guided every step of the way by a network of caring supporters.

  • Key Worker Program

    Whilst preparing to transition, a key worker will provide daily meetings on a 1:1 basis to help prepare.

  • New Home

    Once the crowdfunding is complete, a new house will be rented for the candidate.

  • Life Upgrade

    A life upgrade is carried out, ensuring that the candidate has all needed medical checks to ensure their well-being, as well as a smart haircut, interview suit and a basic wardrobe.

  • Careers Mentor Program

    A careers mentor will begin conducting regular career development sessions and up skill workshops, as well as employment work experience opportunities.

  • Career Skills Graduation

    Once they have completed career development, the job hunt can begin!

  • New Career

    When an interview is secured, the candidate applies what they have learnt from mock interviews and training to acquire a job.

  • Event

    At the end of their journey, an event will be held with guest speakers to not only celebrate the journey that the candidate has taken, but also for candidate to be given an opportunity to thank their supporters.