What Is Homelessness?

"The number of people sleeping on the streets has doubled in the past six years. But across the border in Wales, a new approach is having a positive impact" - The Guardian

Homelessness is understanding how to ignore the rain dripping on your cheek so that you can get some sleep. Homelessness is waking up and carrying your entire life with you on your back. Homelessness is knowing that you have no place to go, just many places that you can ‘be’ for a while until you’re told to move on. Homelessness is the difference between existing, and living.

0% Homelessness
From 2015 to 2016, homelessness rose by 16%

According to the annual figures given by local authorities to the Department for Communities and Local Government. If this figure wasn’t noteworthy enough, consider this: Since 2010, homelessness has risen by 134%

These figures are not conclusive; they are provided by local authorities tasked with carrying out a survey each year, a survey on a demographic characterised by being forced to live out of public view like a tribe of transparent nomads. We know this figure isn’t entirely accurate, but we have spent enough time talking to these people to know that the local authorities are highly unlikely to have reached every single rough-sleeper.

What we can be sure of is that year on year, homelessness continues to rise and not enough has been done to stop it, and it won’t be long until the rate has doubled once more. Something has to be done.

Source: http://www.homeless.org.uk/facts/homelessness-in-numbers/rough-sleeping/rough-sleeping-explore-data

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